Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Iktumi's Invitations to Self Deception

1. If only I were rich,   then I would be happy.
2.If only I were famous, then I would be happy. 
3. If only I could find the right person to marry,   then I would be happy.
4. If only I had more friends, then I would be happy.
5. If only I were more attractive, then I would be happy.
6. If only I weren't physically handicapped in any way, then I would be happy. 
7. If only someone close to me hadn't died, then I could be happy.
8. If only the world were a better place, then I would be happy

These 'invitations' come from Iktumi, the trickster or liar figure of the Lakota tradition. (Mills, Billy. Wokini.) As I was looking into this character I came  across other writing on the web that brought up Pandora and the Adam and Eve Apple myth as a way to explain unhappiness (evil) in the the world, -what were the sources of unhappiness and what is to blame for its appearance at large. Reflections aside, I like the way these 'invitations' are super straight forward and echo the way that deceptive thoughts sometimes cross my mind... now just to remember to refuse these tricky little ditties.

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