Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Fabric of the Future

I haven't really been reading any one book lately because I've had this interesting anthology on my night table. It's not really the type of thing to read through in order but rather I've been opening it up to different ideas every night. My first knowledge of Iktumi's Invitations actually came from one of the essays in this book.

The thing about this kind of reading is that it can last a long time (because there are contributors), and not everything hits the right note at the particular moment it is read so I've been thinking about the various essays over time.  What I have liked is that many of the writers are talking about something beyond patriarchal slagging feminism, - namely what is highlighted is the important contribution that women and traditionally feminism ethics will and must make into the future.  Because the contributors come from many different walks of live the ideas are broadly informed. The writers don't form one consistent thesis but rather diverge and converge around where the world may possibly be headed. They each seem to be deeply passionate/ hopeful/thoughtful in their respective areas of expertise and to me this is very hopeful for the world.

Check it out on the Google book site.... its pretty amazing too!

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