Tuesday, October 6, 2009

CBC Rocks!

 A playlist from a friend, my brother actually, turned me on to CBC radio on the computer. Really its seems like something I should have guessed at given the CBC's awesome internet archives for television but somehow never did. CBC radio 3  just launched a new site and lets us tune into new and emerging Canadian artists from cross the country and make our own playlists for others to enjoy. The great thing about the new launch is that because the site is all new, the instructions to help user get set up are front and center.  I'm already working on my own  playlist (it's super easy!) and would love to hear from your own playlists if you build one...  What a great way to foster the Canadian music scene and remind myself that I love the CBC. Thanks for the connection brother.

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  1. Friend, brother actually... You meant "my lovely brother"!