Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Don't Drink and Draw

This isn't a post about drawing under the influence. Actually I just wanted to show my progress in a little experimental project I've recently undertaken. It started out as a pen and ink study of how light reflects off of glass, -it was just a coincidence that the most interesting glass shapes were mostly in the form of liquor bottles. Funny that they were all the mini ones!
Then I discovered that I could colour...well, of course I could colour but the really cool thing I discovered was that I could really easily copy on my printer and thus have a image to colour while keeping the original b+w in case of terrible mistakes.
Using the same copy technology and a little old school cut and paste I created a little repetition  and then finally as I was digitizing my images I had a little fun with computer technology helping me see things in different ways. As it turned out it was all pretty easy and encouraging for the creative experimenter in me. 

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