Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inward to the Bone: Georgia O'Keefes Journey with Emily Carr

"Black on canvas, I dreamed in colour"

"Last night I dreamed the blood
ran in my vein like skeins of thread
each thread a different, shimmering colour
as my heart beat scarlet
chartreuse, cerulean blue."

"If I were a singer, I would sing in an ocean choir
where the scene overhead hums fog,
the cry of gulls, eagle mew.

Here is a baseline beat of breakers, melody of waves.

runnning glissando to my feet
Deadheads float like dark notes
scribed on green ledger lines of sea.
Pebbles in the sand whisper grace notes, ready
and Emily's world is a hushed
as the moment when the conductor raises her arm
and motions us all to begin."

Heat and silence and space are the drugs I use
to travel closer
to the heart of things."

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