Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Mandala's Go Green

Mandalas are cool to begin with but when I started creating them with natural objects they became even more enigmatic. Sand, snow, leaves sticks and shells... This idea comes from the philosophy that creating something beautiful and interesting should be free excess . I also like that when I am using natural objects the art stands on its own. The free factor lets me hold the ownership over the creation process but relinquish worry over the product. When I am finished I normally just walk away, leaving the mandala for others to enjoy or wonder over, and to naturally diminish with time.

Plus we mustn't forget the 'coolest' natural mandala of all, the snowflake!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Something to Inspire

I just finished skim/reading a number of short articles about famous Canadian women and, man o' man, (lol) do we have some characters we should celebrate! From tireless volunteers to literally climbing mountains to helps friends in need, the women who 'gave birth' to the Canada we know today are awesome. Its clear from their stories that their vision and hard work gave way to so many of the social programs and justices that we often take for granted.

If you are interested in hard copy stories check out 100 Canadian Heriones: Famous and Forgotten Faces or go online to find out which luscious ladies share your birthday.

So without further adieu, and I know its a bit spurious but, I wanna know what you think... Does the hand that rocks the cradle control the nation?